Time Of Our Lives

I wrote this musical valentine to my wife, Mary Belle, in 1982 and recorded it for “Hungry Nights”,  a solo album I made for Arista Records that same year.  As it happens, this weekend is our wedding anniversary and I thought it would be appropriate to rededicate it to her and share it with you. It’s in 3/4 time- a waltz- the most romantic of musical “feels” for my money. Hope you like it and….. Happy Anniversary, MB!  Read More

“Gettin’ Ready For Love”- Diana Ross

I thought I’d kick off the proceedings with a tune that has a celebratory feel. “Gettin’ Ready…” was written with Franne Golde in 1977. Franne, freshly arrived from Chicago, and I were stablemates at hit producer Richard Perry’s in-house publishing company, Braintree Music. Richard was in the process of recording Diana Ross’s new album, “Baby It’s Me” and was looking for a lead off single . Franne and I got busy and... Read More

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